Tips On Designing Custom Name Badges

Custom name badges can be extremely useful in a workplace environment, especially for front of house staff members who are dealing directly with members of the public.  So how do you go about designing a truly memorable custom name badge for your staff?  Read on for some helpful tips.

Size matters

The first thing to consider is how big you want your custom name badges to be.  This will to some extent be influenced by the size of your company logo and the amount of information that you want to appear on the badge.  Try to avoid a cluttered look by making sure that you leave enough blank space between the text and the logo.

In the background

Multi-coloured or patterned backgrounds can make it difficult to read what's actually written on the name badge.  Stick to one colour for your badge background so that it doesn't detract from the main text and logo.  Choose something contrasting, such as black or white, both of which work well.

Font choice

If you have a lot of text on the badge, it's best to keep the font style plain and easy to read; curly script style fonts can be tricky to decipher when read from a relative distance on somebody's name badge.

You can achieve some effective results simply by upsizing the font to highlight a name or title.  Try playing around with different font styles and sizes until you hit on something that works well.

Positioning the text

The key to a professional looking custom name badge is having all the information appearing neatly presented and easy to read.  Aligning text to one side of the badge can leave too much blank space, leaving the end result looking untidy.  As a general rule, it's best to stick to centring your text, whilst perhaps having the logo placed above it.

Fastening options

There are a number of choices when it comes to fastenings for your custom name badges, including:

  • pin fastening
  • clip-on fastening
  • neck chain
  • lanyard
  • magnetic fastening

When choosing a fastening style for your custom name badges, bear in mind the duties of the people who will be wearing the badges and keep practicality to the front of your mind.  For example, issuing lanyard or neck chain badges to waiting-on staff in your restaurant is just asking for their name badge to end up in someone's soup!

When designing custom badges for your staff members, it's helpful to bear in mind the advice given above.  For more assistance in designing your custom name badges, have a chat with your local supplier.