3 Surprising Benefits Of Using A Live Answering Service

There's much more to a live answering service than simply picking up the phone on your behalf when you're not there.  A good live answering service can really help to lighten your own workload and that of your permanent employees.  Here's how.

Recruitment applicant screening

When you're recruiting new staff, you can spend many hours on the phone simply screening telephone applicants. 

All you need to do is draft a series of questions designed to identify applicants who are potentially a good fit for the role.  Pass these to the live answering service operators, together with a list of qualifying criteria.  Any calls from applicants are then screened for you by the live answering service operators and the details of suitably qualified candidates passed to you.  For example, if you are advertising for a secretarial role and you require that applicants have industry experience and a minimum typing speed, anyone who doesn't fit this criterion can instantly be screened out by the live answering service.

Reservations and orders

If you run a business where bookings are made by clients for orders, a live answering service can be a godsend.  If you provide the live answering service with access to your computerised ordering system, operators can take calls and place client orders, saving your staff time and enabling your company to offer a full 24/7 service.

Disaster recovery

What would you do if your business premises were destroyed by fire?  How would you communicate what had happened to your clients and continue taking orders when you no longer have a telephone or email system up and running?  Some companies suffer regularly every year due to adverse weather conditions meaning that their staff can't get into work, leaving phones unanswered.

This is another area where a good live answering service could come to your rescue.  Anyone calling your offices would be put through to a live answering service operator who can handle incoming enquiries and take orders for you, while you get your premises back on-line.

You should have a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) drawn-up, just in case the worst happens and you lose access to your premises and communications.  Remember to include the details of your chosen live answering service in your DRP and make sure that they are aware of their role in the event of a catastrophe.

In conclusion

A live answering service can be a godsend to your business in many different ways.  Why not have a chat with a local live answering service provider, such as The Message Centre, to explore the many ways in which they can benefit your business?