Tips On Designing Custom Name Badges

Custom name badges can be extremely useful in a workplace environment, especially for front of house staff members who are dealing directly with members of the public.  So how do you go about designing a truly memorable custom name badge for your staff?  Read on for some helpful tips. Size matters The first thing to consider is how big you want your custom name badges to be.  This will to some extent be influenced by the size of your company logo and the amount of information that you want to appear on the badge.

3 Surprising Benefits Of Using A Live Answering Service

There's much more to a live answering service than simply picking up the phone on your behalf when you're not there.  A good live answering service can really help to lighten your own workload and that of your permanent employees.  Here's how. Recruitment applicant screening When you're recruiting new staff, you can spend many hours on the phone simply screening telephone applicants.  All you need to do is draft a series of questions designed to identify applicants who are potentially a good fit for the role.